Feedback From My Clients

Good morning Joe,


Kenzie is  doing well and walking well too (thanks to you). At this point her behavior in and out of the house is excellent. She is such a wonderful dog and grateful for the tools you provided us early on.


If we encounter an issue or feel she is falling back into her old ways, we will contact you. For now, THANK YOU for your time and efforts in training our dog to a valued family member!


Joe is a lifesaver! 


We had decided to get our Vizsla puppy Ruby, and before bringing her home, we did a LOT of research. Although the research helped us understand what we were getting into, it made us second-guess our abilities to handle a Vizsla puppy before we even got Ruby home. Once we brought her home, the craziness of having a puppy quickly became frustrating and overwhelming and reading various training books only made us question if we were using the right techniques.  That's when a friend recommended Joe. 

We saw instant improvements in Ruby's behavior immediately upon Joe's arrival. Ruby quickly understood what was being asked of her and began to comply. Of course, this had a lot to do with Ruby's exceptionally high I.Q. :) but we were so relieved to have Joe there to teach us what to do.  Not only did Joe give us clear guidance, but he also restored our confidence.  We now know that we will be successful and Ruby is becoming the dream dog that we've always wanted. 

Joe made us understand that we can do it. 

We HIGHLY recommend contacting Joe. He will make it easy for you to bond and enjoy the new addition to your family!"

Paul & Pete 

Joe has done a wonderful job with our dog Lilly. She is a pointer mix and full of energy, easily distracted by anything that moves. She has learned to walk well on the leash, not pull, pay attention, and most importantly come when called. I know that she is safer because of his training which is most important to us.

Melinda and David


I have been a Lab owner for years. They are mild mannered dogs but, I have to admit my training has been a little less than great. Recently, I decided to take the plunge into the small dog world, and found my little Maltese puppy, Teddie. After almost 10 years, I had forgotten how much work a puppy is and was not used to a small, spunky pup. Joe has guided me through every step of training Teddie. Teddie has gone from a wild child to actually listening! He is developing into such a well behaved dog. Joe has taught me that I am in charge of Teddie's behavior and I set the expectations. Teddie and I have come so far and I know he is on his way to become an excellent dog companion!  All thanks to Joe's guidance and hard work. Thank you, Joe!



I admit, I was a little lax with my first two dogs. Joe walked them both every weekday, for 7 years. He suggested training for them at the time, but they were both older dogs (each more than 10 years old) and set in their ways, so I resisted. They loved walking with Joe and I knew they responded to him and were safe and in good hands during their walks. I didn’t really expect their behavior at home to change (though I know now it could have).


I had done private training with them when they were young and they learned all the basic commands, but I didn’t practice with them regularly or reinforce their good behavior consistently.  They were generally good, nice dogs but very smart Jack Russell terriers so they understood early on that if they didn’t always respond right away when I called them, if they jumped up on people to greet them at the door, if they did demand barking to signal they wanted attention, there wasn’t really any consequence to that less than desirable behavior, they were basically in charge.


Since I adopted a new puppy several months after one of my sixteen year old jacks passed away, Joe has been coaching me on how to do things differently.  He taught me the importance of crate training, proper socialization and most significantly, the “how-to” and benefit of communicating to my puppy exactly what behavior was desired and acceptable and what would not be tolerated, consistently and clearly.  Joe also worked with my puppy every day on his visits to teach him (and me) to achieve appropriate greeting behavior, leash manners and how to interact with humans and other animals, to keep him safe and secure, while assuring he would always be a good canine citizen.  Now, I am in charge and my one year old dog is well-behaved, happy and confident and living up to his full potential as the best canine companion he can be!

I am a truly satisfied customer.


C. Dyba


Whenever I think I may be out of town, I check with Joe first to make sure he is available before I commit to the dates.  It is wonderful to know that while I am gone Joe makes sure my mail is picked up, my house is checked on and most importantly, my cat is well taken care of.  Joe has been taking care of Ginger for several years now.  He has sent me videos of her purring as he rubs her head and belly, ensuring me that my time away is guilt free!   I worry about nothing going on in my household while I am away as I know that Joe is taking care of everything especially Ginger.



"You are a real pro. Not only did you capture Cooper's likeness, but you were able to capture his personality.  And I think he even enjoyed the experience. Normally, he is very camera shy, but from these shots it is evident that he is have enjoying the experience almost as much as we are enjoying the photos. Thank you so very much".
Robert and Jeannie



"What really impressed me the most was the convenience. The simple fact that you came out to our ranch to take the pictures was great!  The pictures speak for themselves. You were able to capture the beauty and the spirit of my horse, not to mention his inquisitiveness when he walked up to you during the middle of the session! I am looking forward to having you take the pictures of my mare in a couple weeks. I have been telling all of my pet loving friends about your services, so hopefully you will hear from one or more of them soon".

Tina S.



"Hi, Joe 


 My pet is not the typical dog or cat, so I was a little apprehensive about his suitability.  Not too many people are comfortable when they see a rat, not even if it is a very sweet and gentle pet. Well, Joe certainly didn't have a problem with my Stuart Little. Needless to say, the results of Stuart Little's and buddy Velour's photo session are outstanding. It was hard to narrow down all the ones I wanted. Joe really captured not only their good looks, but also their personality - I'm so delighted that I didn't miss out on this opportunity. If you want excellent photos that really capture the spirit of your precious pet, Joe’s  artistic and technical skills won't disappoint you! I am enjoying showing off your work too!

Many thanks again"!





“We appreciated your fast service, your ability to get the animals posed, the many choices of photographs that you took. The quality of the pictures was great and the turn around time quite fast as I said before. The communication over the email worked extremely well. We definitely would use your service again and will highly recommend you!”
Karen C.




 You really spent a lot of time with our dog, Wilson. Your great attention to detail really showed up in the photos we purchased from you. When we saw the perfect body shot and a different head shot that we preferred it was, “no problem” for you. You just made the adjustment and it looks perfect and natural. We have him proudly displayed on the front table of our formal living room. Thanks again for the great experience of pet photography"!
Jeff, Darcie, Jenson, Camryn and Wilson S.



"I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the pictures.  I was very pleased on how you put together the two pictures of each dog and made it look like they were taken together. I also loved the mugs. You did a great job in the handling of the dogs while taking the pictures.  I didn't think it could ever be done considering it was their first time and they never listen. You are truly exceptional when it came to handling them. I will recommend you to all my friends and look forward to the next time we want more pictures taken of our little ones".
Thanks, Mike F.




"Joe  did a wonderful job of getting my dogs to cooperate with having their pictures taken.  We were finally able to get some great pictures of Muffin, who normally runs from the camera.  The finished portraits are something that we will always cherish".


Karen B.




"Having pictures of our animals taken in their home setting was a joy. After working with our horses and seeing the results, we could not pass up having the rest of the "family" taken at home. It was easy on the critters. Joe caught our cats and dogs being themselves. His professionalism and friendly manner put everyone at ease. It was a grand experience for all of us".

Thanks, Linda & Evan





"Joe is a outstanding photographer. He works really well with animals as he has a lot of patience and is willing to get "the best shot." He produces quality work and works well with you and your pets. We have two cats that aren't very cooperative and Joe understood and had a lot of pateince. I will be using Joe again in the future".

Thanks Joe!!




"My experience with Joe’s photography was TERRIFIC!  Joe has a keen eye to capture the personality and movement.  My initial result at viewing my photo's actually made me cry.  You just don't realize how beautiful your beloved 4 legged family member till you see them captured in print by a professional". 

Monique, F.




"I have two horses, a 5 yr old and a 26 yr old. Joe took "liberty" photos of them (separately). The photos are spectacular! He has captured little nuances of their personality that you know exist but would never expect to see in a picture an example is Hank with his very "concerned" look in his eyes! And Holly with her laid back attitude and soft eyes. He even captured her at the run with one of the ranch dogs running beside her outside the arena fence! So I had two collages done of each of them, 16" x 20" and placed on canvas. The look is absolutely incredible. I have the perfect spot to show them off and that is on my dining room wall! I couldn't be more pleased with Joe's level of cooperation about moving pictures around, balancing for color and motion.I just love my pictures"!!

Donna D.





"Hi Joe, just wanted to thank you  for coming to the ranch for our first horse photo shoot today. You were  so friendly to all of us that it made for a very enjoyable afternoon. The photos of my horse you were able to capture were incredible; also being able to see previews of the shots on your computer that afternoon was great. Somehow you caught her attitude and her beauty. It’s amazing what professional photographers can catch with their cameras. Thank you again for photos I would have never been able to take myself. Everyone who knows me has seen them more than once".

Rhetta, Pine Creek Horse Resort









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